Best affiliate programs for Indians

Today i will share some top best affiliate programs for Indians . I was working on this from last few days and searched many forum for more details and results on these affiliate networks .I have seen that in and other affiliate network contain most high paying affiliate programs only for USA or other countries , so if you have website or blog and most of your traffic is from India than they will not work for you . But now indian affiliate network marketing is also booming rapidly and i have noticed many new websites in this section . So here is the list of some top best affiliate networks for indians :-

1. - Affiliate Curry is a marketplace, which brings Merchants, and Publishers together creating a powerful tool, which can monetize publishers and generate traffic for merchants on a Pay Per Performance model. But i am not able to see the advertisers or you can saw merchant lists which we will gona promote . They should create one section where publishers can atleast check what they can promote after signinup .

2. -Axill is a well known Internet media company making the web inventory smarter. First they were proving affiliates programs to USA and UK users and now they have started indian webmasters also . They have a wide range of advertisers those want to concentrate on asian region . You can go to their main site and check their advertiser list in left hand side .

3. DGM India - They have some big indian brands name in their advertisers list like CICI Lombard, Citibank,, and,, Future Bazaar, Indiatimes Shopping, Sify Shopping, Travel Guru and Ferns n’ Petals . I will say that this network is growing slowly but in a constant spped and may be in fututre they can beat some good networks in india too .

4. Clixgalore - They have a large network on advetisers specially for asians also . They offers different earning options like pay per lead as well as pay per sale . I have seen many users giving 5 start rating to this affiliate network and i will also recomend you to try it .

5. Matri-Money - It is a matrimonial affiliate network which will provide you 50% commision from different website networks . Best option is that you don't have to create several account but with single account you can promote several matrimonial offer on your site or blog .

6. Rupiz Affiliates - Rupiz Affiliates is an online affiliate marketing network that promises the fastest ROI and the pay for performance model.They have advertiser list checking option according to country ause on right hand side . you can check your countires first before joining their network . I have seen some good financial service providers as advertisers for india .

Their are many money affiliate networks but i have not got some good info about them . I will share them too when i will get some good income proof of them from other users .


Another check From paypal

This times amount is little low comparing to last check but i am happy that now income is becoming permanent and checks are coming one by one . Here is the image of my another paypal check i am sharing with you .

Right now i have good amount in my paypal but now i have planned that i will withdraw money when i will reach $300 . I wish this task will also be completed in few weeks . If you want to make money online than join my newsletter and stay updated with new money making tips which works 100% but need little hard work too in a start . Need any help on making money online than ask me in comments .

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Ways to earn extra money

Their are many methods to earn money online like data typing , forum posting jobs , Other social services providing . But their is one more way by which you can earn money taking free offers via Credit cards .Yes if you have a credit card than you can earn $60 to $250 per month depend on ratio of offers you get to complete . Yes their are many members those provide you link and ask you to signup for a free trail copy or product online and for that we get paid .

How this works :- Their are so many big forums where you can find many webmasters promoting their offers and give out some cash too if we signup free trial of their products . But most of these offers are for USA/UK people and Credit card is needed for free signup trial . Once you have signed up , contact that person again they will verify your details and you will get paid .

What to do and not :- After you have got paid remember to cancel that services before trail period get finished or you can ask them that can we unsubscribe it after one week like if trial is one month long . Always make one file where you note down where you have subscribed and last date of trail period of that product . By this it will be easy to unsubscribe in free time duration because many guys says that their services are automatically start charging your Credit cards after trail period is finished .

How to deal :- Remember deal with only good reputed guys not with newbies . You can check their reputation in right hand side of forums( Their you can see green balls which means more balls more reputation ) . You can also check their post cunts also , if someone is having more than 2k post counts that you can go and deal with him . Example here - Check this offer and reputation on this person on right hand side Will PAY $40 if you are from USA or Canada

Warning : I have completed many offers but before signup do contact that guy via chat or email so if you get scammed than you can atleast contact him . I am not responsible if you deal with stupid guys . You can ask anything you want to know more , post your queries in comments box and i will reply them .

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